My dog is Femous….err….Famous

This picture is from the latest Rolling Stone Magazine.


This is the band Dawes.  They are very awesome dudes who are very awesome musicians.  We had the pleasure of working with them for 5 weeks this past fall and the love between Femi and them was mutual.  As my good friend Dub Cornett says, “Don’t trust a studio that doesn’t have a dog in it.”

Femi has become friends with many famous people throughout her 5 year tenure as one of  Echo Mountain’s studio dogs.   She’s let it go to her head, unfortunately, and refuses to sleep on anything less than a soft couch and eats only the grossest of garbage.

I am surprised this is the first post about my dog.  I am the equivalent of an old, crazy cat lady spinster, however I am in my mid thirties and my dog is my only child. This will be the first of many posts about her.  You’ve been warned.

This amazing photo is the work of the lovely and talented Shane Peters.  If you ever need any video production work done, he is the man!


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